What are the best online English speaking courses?

What are the best online English speaking courses?

Published: Nov, 30, 2022 | By: Lucas Weaver

Today, the number of people looking for online English speaking courses has skyrocketed. English has become the world's universal second language, empowering people around the globe to get better jobs, earn more money, and build international relationships.

Using English effectively allows you to connect with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It helps you work together with people whose skills you can benefit from.

Aside from that, if you're working at an international company or looking to relocate to an English-speaking country for work or study, learning to communicate in English would greatly benefit you.

Learning to speak English effectively

To speak the English language effectively, you need to join a practical online English course that will help you become fluent in English while making the most of your valuable time.

English speaking courses Online will help you speak better and more confidently and will help you remove any roadblocks to reaching your professional goals.

By choosing online lessons, you can also learn at your own pace at the convenience of your schedule. So without delay, here is a detailed list of the top ten online English speaking courses available on the internet today.

Top 10 Best Online English Speaking Courses

The Weaver School (Top-Rated)

The Weaver School tops our list because, to be honest, it's our list. But honestly, we offer the most complete program of any online English speaking course on the internet.

We have you covered if you're looking for the overall best course. As a student with us, you'll get a 100% customized lesson plan based on your goals and current English skills. This ensures you practice the skills you need and save precious time not working on the skills you don't.

Our team of dedicated and experienced teachers guides you every step of the way during your program to ensure you make significant progress quickly.

Mixing clear and easy-to-understand grammar instruction with useful new vocabulary and plenty of speaking practice, we combine all the elements of the English language you need to learn to reach fluency.

Our private online English lessons are specially tailored for business professionals looking to improve their English skills. And for anyone looking to improve their English speaking skills, below is our best online English speaking course:

Private Online English Lessons at The Weaver School

  • About the course:

At The Weaver School, you can access online private English lessons that help you use English confidently. You'll also learn to use correct grammar to sound more like a native speaker. We have customized lesson plans, live online classes, and professional tutoring services to help people of all levels learn English. Live online classes allow students to work on speaking skills with an experienced English teacher in one-on-one or small group sessions.

  • Mode of study: With a lesson plan made just for you, you can learn English faster with the following:
    • Our expert teachers will give you one-on-one attention and create lesson plans that are 100% based on what you want to learn.
    • Get fluent in English with intensive one-on-one lessons that focus on helping you make progress in the skills you need to improve.
    • Our Exam Prep English classes and lessons are designed to help you get the best score on the IELTS, Cambridge, or TOEFL tests. Includes a custom lesson plan, weekly homework, quizzes, and practice tests that show how much progress you still need for your exam.
  • Why is it number 1 on our list?

Our English teachers have years of experience helping students like you make visible progress and get real-world results. Don't worry about how you'll fit your English lessons into your busy life because our courses were designed with busy professionals in mind.

Not only can you schedule your classes for the best time that works for your agenda, whether in the morning, afternoon, or late evening, but you can also pick your favorite teacher, schedule your lessons, and download your assignments anytime in your digital dashboard.

Are you interested in our private English lessons? Create your free account today to get started on your journey to English fluency.


  • About Udemy

Udemy has a wide range of self-paced English courses that are made to fit your needs. You can improve your grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening, and reading skills through quizzes and assignments. Most resources, like videos, can be used for as long as you want and are easy to download. You can choose from more than 130 free courses, most of which are for beginners, on Udemy's search bar.

  • Online English Speaking Courses on Udemy

Utilizing the website's built-in search bar will allow you to locate each of Udemy's English courses or single lessons. You can choose your English course based on a range of criteria, like video duration, topic, subcategory, level, pricing, and features, to name a few of the available options. However, there were only a few group classes that instructors of Udemy designed exclusively for advanced English students. Most of their offering caters to the self-paced variety.

English Speaking Patterns Mastery: Upgrade your English on Udemy

  • About the course:

If you wish to converse in English more clearly, sound more like a native speaker, or upgrade your English skill, this short English course on Udemy can help you improve your English. "English Speaking Patterns Mastery" is for Upper elementary and intermediate.

  • Mode of study:

Courses include lectures on the target English patterns, English grammar, and English vocabulary, updates in the future (this course will keep improving), PDF transcripts, and MP3 downloads.

  • Why is it top-rated

This Udemy English course's content will help you learn or review tenses in a clear and organized way. Whether you are just starting to learn more complex tenses and simple vocabulary (upper elementary), have learned some continuous and perfect tenses but are still a little confused (intermediate level), or want to review and perfect your use of the advanced tenses (advanced English); these courses have something for everyone.

However, this English course is for intermediate students or people who think they are beginners on Udemy.


  • About Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform with thousands of English courses, specializations, degrees, and other learning programs. It works with top universities and organizations to make its online English courses possible. Some of them are self-paced, while others have a fixed schedule.

  • Coursera's English Speaking Course

One of the famous places to find MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) is Coursera because they offer many ways to learn English. However, people who take English online courses on this platform have found that they need direct feedback on their questions or assignments from the course instructors after watching the video.

Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization on Coursera

  • About the course:

This specialization helps you improve your professional English communication skills to get along better with other business people. Better communication can help you reach your language learning and professional goals.

  • Mode of study: There are four self-paced courses in this pre-recorded video class:

Write Professional Emails in English

Use English Professionally: In Person, Online & On the Phone

Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English

Take Your English Communication Skills to the Next Level

  • Why is it top-rated:

This Coursera course is taught by professors from Georgia Tech, and it has several modules designed to improve Business English in an office environment.

Before taking this course, you need to know something about the subject before taking beginner-level courses. The instructors may move quickly through materials and terms, which is unsuitable for students who need to learn more about the topic or struggle to progress in class.

Great Learning

  • About Great Learning

Great Learning has self-paced online classes in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, management, cloud computing, cyber security, and design thinking from top universities. It was founded in 2013 to help professionals prepare for the future and help people get practical skills in a constantly growing field.

Together with universities, this platform offers classes for more than 30 Professional Programs to its more than 4 million users. Yet, it doesn't have a domain specialty feature, so it might not help you get a guaranteed job.

  • Online English Speaking Course on Learning Team

The goal of the Great Learning Team is to help learners, whether technical or not, understand the ideas from beginning to end. The content and the way the videos in the class are of high quality.

Improve your speaking skills on Great Learning

  • About the course:

Spoken English will help you get off to a good start with business communication, which is a crucial part of working in a formal setting.

Each module of this English course contains a different aspect of dealing with having a career. Such as how to communicate in meetings or interviews, write emails, talk person to person or on the phone, and use your body language most effectively.

  • Mode of study:

The free online spoken English course takes 1.5 hours to complete. Since the video course is self-paced, you can learn according to your schedule.

  • Why is it top-rated:

You can tell how popular Spoken English is because most people in the business world or any organization or institution prefer to talk to each other in English.

After completing your class, you'll be able to say what you mean and talk to your current or potential career and coworkers better.

Oxford Online English

  • About Oxford Online English

Try Oxford Online English if you want to study English in a way that fits your needs and makes you a better speaker. They offer a variety of English classes, including one that is just about speaking.

  • Oxford Online English's Speaking Course

Native English speakers can help Oxford Online English learners improve their pronunciation, grammar, speaking, and listening skills through Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, and other video call platforms.

Speak English With Confidence on Oxford Online English

  • About the course:

This single pre-recorded lesson will help you become more confident when speaking English. You'll learn easy, effective ways to communicate in English more confidently, and they give you ideas that anyone can use.

  • Mode of study:

One free video and one free transcript.

  • Why is it top-rated?

Learners and members of the general public can access high-quality educational content that is easy to access on Oxford Online English.

But you should notice that this website provides little information on the available classes.

Future Learn

About Future Learn

The popular online education provider FutureLearn provides students with access to a vast array of courses, most of which are presented in collaboration with prestigious educational institutions.

However, this service is hindered by the absence of mobile smartphone applications, the difficulties in directly communicating with customer care, and the limited trial duration of only seven days.

Future Learn's Online English Speaking Course

Discover the ins and outs of British English from seasoned instructors' guidance while getting to know your fellow learners in online classes from Future Learn. Although you can complete many English online courses independently, FutureLearn strongly recommends that learners converse with others in the same group classes.

Exploring English: Language and Culture on Future Learn

  • About the course:

Participating in this online English class will increase your knowledge and skills of the English language while gaining insight into British life and culture. You can learn more about the other English language learning and teaching courses the British Council provides in this course.

  • Mode of study:

These videos, shot in Great Britain, will help you improve your listening skills by exposing you to genuine examples of the English language spoken by native speakers. You will also look at some of the wording used in the videos, analyze how they were used, and then learn how to use them in real-life situations.

  • Why is it top-rated?

People studying English, interested in learning more about British culture, and seeking to enhance their English language skills simultaneously are the target audience for this free course by the British Council.


  • About Lingoda

You can acquire a confident command of the English language learning journey with the assistance of Lingoda's native-speaking tutors. According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), all classes range from beginner to intermediate to expert.

Live online language lessons are accessible whenever most suitable for you, 24/7 a week, and include individual and group instruction options. On the other hand, taking a class on this platform will teach you how to improve your ability to communicate in the workplace and prepare you to excel in your career.

  • Lingoda's English Speaking Course

In addition to teaching vocabulary and English grammar, the primary focus of Lingoda's English online course is developing learners' speaking & listening skills. Their goal is to help you get to a deeper level so you can better access the resources around you.

First-time users, they may find accessing the website or app challenging. Still, you can flexibly determine your learning schedule and go at your own pace.

Speak Better English with Lingoda

  • About the course:

Acquire English speaking skills for use in everyday circumstances. In this course, you'll hear a wide range of dialects, idioms, and cultural practices, thanks to the fact that they have a rotating faculty of foreign instructors.

  • Mode of study:

There are four ways to learn English: self-study, studying on your own, studying in a traditional classroom, and immersion progress. Online classes provided by Lingoda allow you to choose convenient class times and explore in the convenience of your own home.

People interested in learning English at home can also educate themselves. Sadly, you will not receive any comments on improving your performance.

  • Why is it top-rated:
    • You can either follow their set curriculum at each level or select the lessons you want to take to have complete flexibility.
    • Develop your self-assurance and become more comfortable expressing yourself by engaging in conversation, group class activities, friendly debate, and role-playing activities.

Perfectly Spoken

  • About Perfectly Spoken

English classes offered by Perfectly Spoken correspond to all levels of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Pre-recorded video lectures are used in Perfectly Spoken's curriculum to help learners develop an ear for the English language and enhance their performance in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Cambridge English Proficiency Examinations.

  • The top English Speaking Courses that Perfectly Spoken offers online:

Course A1, Pre - Intermediate Level A2 classes, Course Level B1 & B2 and Course C1

IELTS Online Speaking Course 2 on Perfectly Spoken

  • About the course

The IELTS Speaking Course serves as a foundation for this set of 10 courses, each covering a different topic frequently appearing on the language exam. In addition to providing you with practice problems similar to those found on the exam, each course will also focus on an important topic that will assist you in achieving a higher overall score.

  • Mode of study:

You'll walk away from this course with how to add to what you said, talking about the future and what might happen, talking about the experience, and making a negative answer positive.

According to reviews from real users, some people may find that the live interactive classes need to be longer.

  • Why is it top-rated:

"IELTS Speaking Course 2" is for people who already know some English and want to learn more, use words better, and speak English more fluently. The course is comprehensive, with 45-minute lessons that can be re-watched as often.


About edX:

edx has many English courses that help learners improve their English grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. All of the courses are taught by universities that are well-known all over the world.

There are also many specialized courses for university students, travelers, and people in business, in addition to general English classes for beginners and intermediate learners.

edX's online English Speaking Course:

You can get certificates from well-known universities that offer high-quality courses on Edx after you complete and pay the fee. Some of Edx's most popular courses are: English Preparation – Level 1 & 2 English Preparation and The Insider's Guide to TOEFL Test Prep by ETS.

Conversational English Skills on edX

  • About the course:

Six separate modules covering subjects including making new friends, talking about those already in your life, cooking and dining at home, learning English, happy times and bad, and favorite pastimes make up the course.

After you complete this course, you can converse in English in various situations.

  • Mode of study:

This free course can be taken online, available with video transcripts.

  • Why is it top-rated? You will be able to do the following after you complete this course:

Improve your English conversation skills

Listen to dialogues and group discussions to learn more about how English is spoken and how different cultures use words.

Learn how to start your English conversations about different things.

What are the benefits of online English speaking courses?

With over 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, English fluency opens up many career opportunities, such as better jobs, earning more money, and building international relationships with colleagues and clients.

The ability to have fluency in this language opens doors to opportunities to learn from and collaborate with people from many different backgrounds. Online lessons allow you to learn at your own pace, schedule, and convenience.

Study and practice wherever, whenever

Learning English online, as opposed to in a conventional classroom, allows you to study with a flexible schedule and at times that are most convenient for you. Learners have more say over their learning pace when participating in online education.

This class is a potentially beneficial opportunity since it enables you to concentrate more on the aspects of language learning that give you the most problems. Mastering time management is essential if you want to make the most of your study time at your own pace.

Efficiently improve your communication skills

Whether you want to learn how to improve your writing, speaking, fluency, or vocabulary, online English classes let you choose how to spend your time. Most online English learning centers offer a range of solutions to help you target the areas of your language learning that need the most improvement. They can also develop specialized programs geared to improving weak areas.

Boost your confidence

Some online English classes may just be you and your teacher. This can make learning English from afar feel more personal and boost your confidence. If you take courses with other learners in the same class, you'll be able to build your confidence by talking to them.

Since every learner is learning English simultaneously, you don't have to be embarrassed or shy about how you say and pronounce words. The same will be valid for everyone else.

Interact and connect with an international audience

Colleges and universities may seem like places where people get together in group classes, but they create closed-off communities. You see the same people on campus daily, so you only have a few chances to meet new people.

One of the best things about attending online classes is that they don't have borders. Taking an online course is a great way to connect with people from all over the world. As you gain knowledge and experience, every interaction opens up new doors for further development.

However, in online English learning classes, you can connect with people you meet on social media or in person. You can talk to your instructor and other learners in real-time with a flexible schedule if your course has live webinars and live-streamed videos.

Tips to help you speak better English

Tip 1: Practice Speaking English With Friends or Family

Suppose you have friends or family members speaking English in another country. Consider using video chat platforms such as Skype or Facetime to practice speaking the language. You must explain that you wish to speak English with your friends and family because they may believe you would like to communicate in your mother tongue instead.

Tip 2: Watch and Listen To English Speaking Media

Find some movies or TV shows you like. After watching, try to "copy" the characters' voices and manners of pronunciation as much as possible. In English conversation, you will learn that the tone and vocabulary change what is being said if you pay attention to how the character talks and moves, you will learn more about how to talk to people in real life.

Tip 3: Practice with an English pronunciation app

You can use an app to connect with native speakers online and practice your speaking skills at a flexible schedule. Tandem and HelloTalk are popular chatting programs, and sometimes you can access a group class. Users sign up for an account, access their resources, and share information about themselves, such as their language learning habits and interests. The app will pair you up with native English speakers who share your desire to hone your language skills.

Tip 4: Practice using a free voice recorder or a mirror

The best way to improve your English learning experience if you need someone to practice with is to find a language learning app with a recording feature. Learn English by listening to recordings of yourself speaking the language.

Can you tell if your English sounds like the person you're trying to mimic? If you're having problems pronouncing certain sounds or syllables, write them down and give them a go while recording yourself.

Using a mirror is another technique to practice public speaking and increase self-assurance. In a way, it does. But you can improve your delivery by observing your speech patterns and facial expressions while talking to a mirror.

Which online course is best for English speaking?

In this post, we've outlined the many benefits of becoming fluent in English professionally and personally. Suppose you're considering an online English speaking course to help you reach English speaking fluency. In that case, we strongly recommend you check our available private online English lessons.

With course structures designed based on proven neuroscience, our teaching methods have been shown to outperform several others.

We are top-rated because we guarantee the following:

  • One-on-one attention from our team of dedicated and experienced teachers
  • A study schedule tailored to suit your time and pace
  • Regular assessment and feedback to check your progression
  • An easy-to-use student dashboard to keep track of your course progress

So, please don't wait! Start your journey to English speaking fluency with us today.

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Lucas Weaver from the Weaver School

Lucas Weaver founded The Weaver School in 2016. He's passionate about using the latest learnings in neuroscience and education to create the best language learning experience possible for our students, so they can quickly build effective language learning habits that will last for years. Lucas is a graduate of Texas A&M University and after 7 years of living in the Netherlands, he is currently traveling through Southeast Asia while learning their languages along the way.

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