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Great Places to Meet to Practice Your English in Rotterdam

Published: Jun, 16, 2017 | Author: Lucas Weaver

Okay, so you’ve finished your English course and you’ve made a couple of new friends that you want to keep practicing your English skills with. Now it’s time to decide where to meet up and keep your grammar sharp and your vocabulary high.

You can’t just meet at any old place. You need a place that’s not so busy that you can’t get a table, but you also need it to not be too quiet, that way everyone in the room won’t be listening to you.

A few places have worked for a few of my students as meeting places, and some of them are just a great place to grab a bite and a brew. When it gets time for your to learn English and practice, look no further than these amazing places.

1. Happy Italy

Alright, so everyone who has taken a class from me before is laughing right now, I know. But Happy Italy really is a great place to meet-up and speak English. The pizzas are inexpensive and the staff won’t bother you too much. There’s plenty of space outside in the sun (when it’s out) and there’s usually a table available inside as well, as long as you don’t go at 8 p.m. on a busy night.

2. Not Only Coffee (NOCNOC)

Located about a two minute walk from the Blaak Metro & Train stations, NOC is a great little cafe that never seems to be too crowded to stop in for a quick cappuccino and English conversation. There are plenty of places to sit for two or four people and there’s also nice seating outside.

3. The Cafe in the Blaak Library

I love this cafe. Their cappuccinos are very reasonably priced and the staff is always super friendly. There’s plenty of comfy seating on the ground floor, as well as a great rooftop terrace you can take advantage of when there’s some good weather. There aren’t many better places to combine a view and English.

4. Oudehaven

The bars and restaurants in the Oudehaven area (also near Blaak) are another group of great choices for hanging out with some friends and speaking English. Whether you’re grabbing a beer or a bite to eat, you and your English speaking companion are sure to enjoy the ambiance of this spot.

5. Douwe Egberts at Delftse Poort

Now I know this choice seems obvious, but the comfy leather chairs and the spots off to the right can give you some nice privacy that you can’t usually get at most Coffee Companies. The beverages are a little more pricy and the snacks are too. But if you work near Central Station, it’s definitely a convenient place to meet up and speak some English.

6. Le Noord

Le Noord is a great little place on Provenierssingel just a few minutes walk from Rotterdam Central Station. With great happy hour specials and tasty snacks, as well as a great selection of board games, there aren't many better places for a meet-up in the city center. 

If you have a personal favorite meeting spot that you like, write it in the comments so that I can check it out! For other great suggestions of what to do in The Netherlands, check out IAMExpat. They have great suggestions for expats on a wide range of topics.
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