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How to Choose an English Course in Rotterdam

Published: Mar, 10, 2018 | Author: Lucas Weaver

How Do You Decide Which English Courses to Choose?

There are many English language schools in Rotterdam, but how do you know which English courses will be best for you? The first step is to ask questions, and then you get answers.

Every English learner has different needs. Do you have an English event coming up soon that you need to prepare for? If that’s the case, then an intensive English course would be the best option for you. Are you preparing to take an exam that will be scheduled months in the future? If that’s your situation, then the best course for you would be where you get consistent practice over a long period of time, and a challenging amount of homework each week that will help you practice new English skills.

Alternatively, maybe you have an exam, such as the IELTS, coming up quite soon. Then a one-day workshop would be good for you to learn as many tips and tricks as possible before you have to take your exam. Are you preparing to give a speech in English at a conference? One-on-one lessons with an instructor who’s experienced with helping students with public speaking would be the best option to improve for your specific needs.

Questions to Ask About English Courses

The questions you ask about your potential English courses will determine what information you receive. First, determine what’s important to you, then you can ask questions related to that information.

Class Sizes

Class sizes will determine how much individual attention you get from your English teacher. If the class is too large, it will be difficult to engage one-on-one much with your teacher, which means you get less personal attention. Also, smaller groups can give advantages are far as getting to know your classmates better. However, larger groups give you more chances to meet more people, if one of your motivations for taking the course is to meet new people.

Class Length

Class length is important depending on your specific preferences. Are you able to pay attention for long periods of time, or do you get bored easily and have difficulty concentrating? Classes can range from 2-4 hours in length, and you’ll want to make sure you have that information before you sign up for your English course.

Teacher Information

You’ll also want to have information on the teacher of your English course before you sign up. Is the teacher a native English speaker? This is one of the most important things to know as native speakers will have a better feel for the language than non-native speakers. If you want to speak more fluently and communicate in the best way possible, having a native English speaking teacher is the best way to go.

If you’re choosing a business English teacher, you’ll want to make sure that your teacher has experience in the business world. Having a teacher who has been in business situations will make it easier for them to advise you on real-world business situations that you are likely to encounter. English teachers with business experience will also be more likely to understand your situations, and many times teach you things you didn’t even know you needed.

If test prep is your main focus, find out if the teacher you’re getting has experience teaching English courses focussed on that exam which you need. It will be a huge advantage for you if you find a teacher that has prepared many students before you for a specific exam, that way they’ll be able to use what they’ve learned with previous students to help you.


The location of your English course is one of the most important questions you can ask. If you live in the center of Rotterdam, it might be more convenient for you to take a course from an English school in the city center, rather than having to travel to one out in the surrounding areas. If you live out of the city, finding a school near a public transportation stop will also be quite convenient for you.

Class Times

Class times will probably be the first question you ask, especially if you have a job. Make sure that the time of the course offered fits with your schedule and gives you the best chance to attend all the lessons.

More Information

If you’re having trouble getting the information you need about English courses in Rotterdam, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you find an English course that fits your needs.
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