Online cursus Engels overal in Nederland

Spreek Engels met zelfvertrouwen, zonder naar woorden te zoeken en met gebruik van de juiste grammatica, zodat het klinkt alsof het je moedertaal is.

private online english lessons

You will improve...


Have fluid conversations in English without searching for words.


Use the right grammar at the right time without thinking.


Learn to speak English confidently without worrying about making mistakes.

We focus on...

To reach fluency in English you need to use it in real-life situations. Just reading textbooks and doing worksheets won't be enough. We make sure you do as many repetitions as possible in your valuable lesson time.

Receiving corrections for your mistakes is what signals the need for improvement in the areas of your brain that control your language skills. By challenging and guiding you to make productive mistakes, we help you reach fluency faster.

Consistent testing shows you that you're on the right track and acts as a vital reward system for your brain to keep motivation high and progress consistent. You'll take weekly quizzes and monthly tests to track your improvement.
private lessons The Weaver School
private lessons The Weaver School

You will get...

Your course will use a “blended learning” approach, meaning that you receive the grammar instruction as a video lesson with an accompanying powerpoint presentation every week, as well as new vocabulary words with flashcards.

You will use your full time with your teacher each week actually speaking English, discussing topics relevant to you while your teacher corrects your mistakes and gives you clear feedback on how you can improve.

Every week you'll take an online quiz about that week's lesson material, and every four weeks you'll take a unit test measuring your overall progress towards fluency.
Our teachers...
Zakelijk Engels Examenvoorbereiding Communicatieve vaardigheden

Christina komt uit de VS, maar groeide op in Europa in een militair gezin. Met meer dan 15 jaar ervaring in het onderwijs heeft Christina lesgegeven aan studenten van verschillende leeftijden, niveaus en nationaliteiten. Ze heeft zakelijk Engels gedoceerd en studenten voorbereid op officiële examens zoals FCE, CAE, CPE en IELTS, met uitstekende resultaten tot gevolg. Haar lessen zijn communicatief en dynamisch en ze doet altijd haar best om ze aan te passen aan de specifieke behoeften van haar studenten.

Zakelijk Engels Academisch Engels

Steven geeft al 13 jaar les in Nederland en geeft trainingen zakelijk Engels aan het bedrijfsleven en academisch Engels aan universiteiten. Hij is gespecialiseerd in Engelse spreekvaardigheidstrainingen voor zowel formeel als informeel gebruik en stemt conversatie-, schrijf- en leeslessen af op de behoeften van de klant.

Uitspraak Communicatieve vaardigheden

Sean geeft zelfvertrouwen aan studenten van alle niveaus. Hij doet dat door een werksfeer te creëren waarin studenten floreren. Hij is een gecertificeerde docent Engels met 4 jaar ervaring. Sean werkt met studenten met verschillende achtergronden en kennisniveau's.

Zakelijk Engels

With experience in digital ad agencies, fin-techs, e-commerce products, and language schools, Lucas has a diverse background in business mixed with extensive experience teaching English. Having lived in Spain, the Netherlands, and now Korea, he knows the journey of learning a foreign language as well as anyone, and he's passionate about helping you through your journey too.

Zakelijk Engels Academisch Engels Examenvoorbereiding

Alex geeft al meer dan 20 jaar Engelse les en specialiseert zich in zakelijk Engels, examenvoorbereiding, academisch Engels en grammatica. De lessen van Alex zijn 'leerlinggericht', leerzaam en interessant. Hij helpt je alle aspecten van de Engelse taal te begrijpen. Hij ontwikkelt daarnaast leerstrategieën die na de cursus nog steeds van pas komen.

Zakelijk Engels Communicatieve vaardigheden

Donal geeft al sinds 1992 Engelse les. Hij heeft lesgegeven aan kleuters, universiteitsstudenten, leidinggevenden en leden van de Spaanse strijdkrachten. Hij heeft ook leraren opgeleid en gewerkt aan officiele vertalingen. Hij is van mening dat elke student anders is en maakt er een punt van om zijn lessen aan te passen aan verschillende behoeften.

Zakelijk Engels Academisch Engels Examenvoorbereiding

Hayley is een leraar Engels met meer dan 10 jaar aan ervaring. Ze is een allround taalliefhebber en heeft een graad in taalkunde. Haar lessen zijn leuk en dynamisch met een focus op het verbeteren van alle aspecten van je Engelse vaardigheden.

What our students say...
  • "The course was very instructive for me. The explanation about grammar was good and clear. There was enough variation between listening, writing, reading and speaking exercises. Actually I don't have any negative points to mention. Overall it was a good learning experience for me. Well done!"
    - Anton
  • "Great course. I improved my English. Especially my tenses and speaking going a lot better now. I feel a lot more confident and you made me feel confortable during the lessons. I speak much more fluently now."
    - Rick
  • "It was a very good course! I learned a lot!"
    - Orhan
  • "I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Explanations were always very clear."
    - Eveline
  • "Really upgraded my English. I learned many things which include phrasal verbs, new vocabulary, and learning adverbs was helpful. Thanks!"
    - Seba
  • "My teacher always took time to explain everything very well. Also when I asked for 10 times to explain the tenses. It was good to do a lot of talking during the course. Now I feel more comfortable about my speaking skills."
    - Rianne
  • "Well I like the way of teaching. It is clear, understandable. My vocabulary have improved as well as my speaking."
    - Hoying
  • "The course was useful for me and well thought. There was a lot about tenses and I felt more confident with them after. After the speaking practice in class and with grammar practice, I think I can surely express myself better with more fluency."
    - Valentina
  • "I think you are a great teacher. Your explanations are VERY clear!"
    - Nora
  • "Lucas is a really nice teacher because he makes jokes a lot. Also he know so much of his native language and is really good because you can ask him so much and he always knows the answer. I am really positive about my course."
    - Maxime
  • "In general you are very good teacher. Focus on speaking and listening in class was good for level C1."
    - Douglas
  • "The course was just the way I had expected it to be. He paid attention and corrected our mistakes. He explained what we did wrong so that we could learn from our mistakes. I really recommend!"
    - Sander
  • "I learned many things in this course. The most interesting thing I found was that I am more and more learning english automatically. This is very cool and I mostly find as a compliment to my teacher. Most of the topics that we learned in the class were really interesting and actually fun. I will definitely continue with my english classes. I am super motivated!"
    - Rute
  • "Well Lucas, I believe you are a good teacher. You have a lot of knowledge about many different topics, which is really amazing! Thank you for the course :)"
    - Cora
  • "Good classes, a mix of writing, speaking."
    - Haran
  • "I think you are a great teacher who explains everything with humor/jokes, and gives everyone space... So thank you very much!"
    - Elseline
  • "The course was really helpful. It was not boring at all and I learned a lot over the last 12 weeks. I also wanted to improve my speaking and it helped a lot that we did a lot of speaking exercises."
    - Chamilla
  • "I think the class was very interesting and helpful. Explanations were very clear. Maybe a little bit more exercise in writing."
    - Salina
  • "This course was very helpful for me. I learned a lot of new things. It wasn't boring. Maybe even call it fun! ;)"
    - Marta
  • "In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I would progress. But then I started to see big improvement! I'm excited to continue courses at the B2 level."
    - Patty
  • "I've learned so much during these English lessons in regards to tenses, listening and speaking. The lessons were also very entertaining as you have a lot of knowledge about different things. Thanks for everything!"
    - Mirjam
  • "By my experience, the way of teaching was perfect. I was satisfied by the class :)"
    - Gelareh


Choose your course...


Choose the right price for you

Flexible monthly payments made automatically once every four weeks.


€199 /month

24 total lessons including all course content and no hidden fees.

  • 12 online 1-hour speaking-focused live one-to-one lessons

  • 12 online 1-hour pre-recorded grammar & vocabulary video lessons

  • 2 hours of homework per week

  • 1 weekly graded quiz with instant feedback

  • 1 graded test every 4 weeks with teacher feedback

  • New flashcards for all new vocabulary each week

  • Personalized lesson plan


€319 /month

36 total lessons including all course content and no hidden fees.

  • 24 online 1-hour speaking-focused live one-to-one lessons

  • 12 online 1-hour pre-recorded grammar & vocabulary video lessons

  • 2 hours of homework per week

  • 1 weekly graded quiz with instant feedback

  • 1 graded test every 4 weeks with teacher feedback

  • New flashcards for all new vocabulary each week

  • Personalized lesson plan


€359 /month

36 total lessons plus a monthly private coaching session.

  • 24 online 1-hour speaking-focused live one-to-one lessons

  • 12 online 1-hour pre-recorded grammar & vocabulary video lessons

  • 2 hours of homework per week

  • 1 weekly graded quiz with instant feedback

  • 1 graded test every 4 weeks with teacher feedback

  • New flashcards for all new vocabulary each week

  • Personalized lesson plan

  • 1 private one-hour coaching session per month

Course FAQ

All you need for this course is a laptop with an internet connection. Headphones and a learning space without distractions are also recommended.

Students usually schedule lessons of 1 or 1.5 hours for each lesson. You'll also need at least 2 hours per week to complete your homework.

You can reschedule a lesson for any reason up to 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled to start without penalty.

You don't need to download anything to follow our lessons. You can simply use our meeting tool in your web browser.

This is different for everyone, but your teacher will identify which skills you need to improve the most to reach the level of fluency you need. They will then create a lesson plan just for you that will help you reach fluency in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you don't have time to do your course homework, we strongly recommend you wait to register for a course until you have more time. The only way you can reach fluency in English is to practice and apply what you learn from your teacher.

Yes they can! Simply enter your company invoice contact information in your student dashboard and we will send them the invoice for you.

Waarom The Weaver School?

Onze lesmethoden zijn gebaseerd op bewezen praktijken uit de neurowetenschap en samen met de jarenlange ervaring van onze docenten 'zorgt dit voor uitstekende resultaten bij onze studenten.

private lessons The Weaver School

Flexibele roosters zonder stress

Maak je niet druk over het inpassen van lessen in je drukke schema. Of het nu ‘s morgens, ‘s middags, of ‘s avonds laat is, jij kiest de tijd en dag die voor jou het beste werkt.

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Ervaren en betrokken docenten

Onze docenten hebben allemaal gemiddeld 17 jaar ervaring en zijn gediplomeerde professionals. En wat nog beter is, jij kunt de docent met het specialisme kiezen dat het beste bij jou past.

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